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Marquette [词典] [人名] 马凯特; [地名] [加拿大、美国] 马凯特; [例句]Feel free to invite your 1.3 billion countrymen over for a visit, but wait until theMarquette Interchange is done.不妨邀请你的十三亿同胞来旅游,不过最好在交易完成之后.

townee老乡 countrymen 是同胞,同国人,乡下人的意思.

for the long haul长期的例句:1.Prepare for the long haul of a changed lifestyle. 做好生 5.Only if he persuades his troops, his countrymen and the taliban that america is there

in good company 有趣的伙伴,在良好的公司.例句:But regardless,the fundamentals of a typical American soiree are good company,good food and drinks,and good times.无论是哪种聚会,典型的美国社交晚会的基调是让人们交友、吃好、喝

1、lose one's heart 是“爱上了”的意思,需要用介词to说明爱的对象,如: jim lost his heart to the persian cat at first sight. (jim一看见那只波斯猫就喜欢得不得了.) 2、lose heart 却表示“丧失信心”或“情绪低落”,例如: don't lose heart;

A teacher said to her class:”Who was the first man?” 一个老师问她的学生:“谁 “he was first in war,first in peace,and first in the hearts of his countrymen.” 这个男孩

keep off 让开;不接近 keep off the grass! 不准靠近草地! keep away 不接近;防范 thank god my own countrymen now keep away from me. 感谢上帝,我自己的同胞们如今远离着我.

"Go on to do" is usually used in a narrative, describing two different time frames.go on 是一般在告诉一件事情的时候用.Jack spent many of his early years behind bars, but he would go on to become a famous preacher.

please,副词,请;动词,使高兴 His choice pleased his father pleased,形容词,感到高兴的 be pleased with sth pleasant,令人愉快的,The travelling is very pleasant pleasure,名词,愉快 with pleasure

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