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有的,解释为:与保持联络 keep in contact with be in contact with make contact with

选B.contact是不及物动词,后面直接跟宾语的时候必须加with,构成短语.当没有宾语时,例如:we agree to contact again next week.

没错,Contact us 中的 contact 就是动词,因为后面跟的是宾语 us.Contact us 的意思是“联系我们”.

联系 n. relation ; contact ; connection ; affiliationvt. touch(接上关系) contact; touch; connection; relation:keep in contact with;保持联系get in touch with; establish contact with;取得联系the internal relations of things;事物的内部联系have wide

associate with

contact 【音标】:['kntkt] 【词典解释】:contact 名词 n. 1. 接触,触碰[(+with)] 2. 交往;联系,联络[(+with)] 3. 熟人,门路


学院联系 的意思 faculty 是教职 contact 联系的方式

你好!保持联系keep in touch with keep contact with失去联系lose touch lose contact如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

是,eye contact是眼神交流的意思.如例句 Direct eye contact reassures the person that you are confident and honest.翻译:直接的目光接触让人相信你的自信和诚实.

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