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A disaster (from Middle French désastre, from Old Italian disastro, from Latin pejorative prefix dis- bad + astrum star) is the impact of a natural or human-made hazard that negatively affects society or environment. Disasters occur when hazards strike

forest fire[英][frist fai][美][frst far]森林火灾; 网络林火; 森林失火; 山火; 双语例句 1They ascribed the forest fire to carelessness.他们认为森林大火是由于疏忽造成的.2“ We stopped the spread of a bushfire in Greece from becoming an uncontrollable forest fire,” he said.我们已经阻止希腊的野火蔓延,不会成为无法控制的森林大火.


There was a big fire in one office building in our neighborhood at about nine4 o'clock last night. Many firemen and fire engines came. In the beginning, we saw flames with thick black smoke coming out from the sixth floor; and we also heard the

阅读理解 NEWS --- reported in the New York News. WORSE BUSH FIRE OF CENTURY PUTS SOUTHERN AUSTRALIAN TOWNS IN DANGER No one knows yet the number of lives which have been lost



e79fa5e98193e59b9ee7ad9431333264663038"cover me" 掩护我 "you take the point" 你占据该要点 "hold this position" 待在(防守)这个位置 "regroup team" 重组队伍 "follow me" 跟着我 "taking fire, need assistance"吸引火

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