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obligated[英][blgetd][美][:blgetd]adj.有义务的; 必须的; 有责任的; v.使负有责任或义务( obligate的过去式和过去分词 ); 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.But 46 states are obligated to balance their budgets each year. 但46个州都有责任平衡每年预算

prune1及物动词 vt. 1.修剪,修整[(+back)]He is pruning his roses. 他在修剪他的玫瑰花. 2.剪去,剪除[(+back/away)]He pruned every branch that did not bear fruit. 他把不结果的枝都修剪掉. 3.删除;削减[(+away/down/off)]The budgets

区别在于:infrasctructure lpar指的是基础设施的大型相控阵雷达.customer lpar指的是客户的大型相控阵雷达.详细解释:infrastructure 英[nfrstrkt(r)] 美[nfrstrkt] n. 基础设施; 基础建设; [例句]The infrastructure, from

Over the past 20 years Flojos has been recognized as a leading sandal manufacturer and is now available in many retailer stores and specialty stores across the nation as well as in over 20 countries worldwide. Here at Flojos we know that we are

I think it is better for college students to live on campus during their first two years, and landlord's regulations, cooking meals, and figuring out budgets are all good practice

care for 和 take care of 的区别:1、care for 中的 care 是动词,表示“把放在心上”,以下是它的引申意思: 把某个东西放在心上,引申为“喜欢”,把某个人放在心上引申为“关心、关怀、照顾”,把某件事情放在心上引申为“介意、在乎

go down (价格、水平或数量)下降,下跌 跪下;趴下 (体育比赛中)被打败 (运动队)降级 引起…反响;得到…回应 (太阳)落下 (船只)沉没; (飞机)坠落 (计算机)出故障 发生go up 上升 (价格、数量或水平)上涨,上升 (建筑物等)被兴建,被建起 爆炸;突然燃烧起来 (喊声或欢呼声)响起,大作 (运动队)晋级

designed的意思是:有计划的;故意的. 英 [d'zand],美 [d'zand] adj. 有计划的;故意的 例句:The stage was designed to imitate a prison cell. 翻译:舞台设计成牢房的样子.短语:1、designed reliability 设计可靠性 2、designed

1、budget 本是名词,表示 “预算” 或 “预算拨款”,如 the hospital obviously needs to balance the budget each year (很明显,医院每年都要平衡其收支预算)2、budget 也可以用作量词 a budget of (一束) ,如 a budget of flowers.3、按

leveraged lease n. 融资租赁;双语例句Financial analysis of leveraged lease financing杠杆租赁融资的财务分析When enterprise's operators carry on a certain trade, we could understand the leveraged lease economic attributes better and even

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