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bow down in the House of Rimmon,原意指“拜倒在伪神临门的脚下”,表示“表面上与宗教信仰一致,但心里却另有想法”;后来引申为“违背良心或原则做自己不愿意做的事情”.the House of Rimmon ,是《圣经列王纪下》(Bible,II

鞠躬,可引译为崇拜. 可以作为一个词组使用.如: The priest bowed down before the altar. 牧师在圣坛前行鞠躬礼. 还可解释为听从 I'm not going to bow down to such wrong opinions. 我不打算听从这种错误的意见.

歌曲名:refuse to bow down歌手:black label society专辑:1919 eternal"Women are born with a very dark side that men do not understandand they don't understandand Women need to be loved the way Adam shoulda loved Eve.Women have a

Bow down to Miss you

爆 荡. 额根

[ti:THAT'S MY NAME][ar:Lil'Bowwow][00:05.08] Uh, say[00:07.71]Uh, uh, say (My name is)[00:11.39]Say, bow wow wow[00:13.09]Uh, uh, bow wow (Yeah)[00:16.13]Uh, uh, Snoop Dogg (Bow wow)[00:19.71]Yeah, uh, my name is,[00:24.09]Hair

bow:1.动词:(1)鞠躬,躬身,行礼:+before/to (2)躬身向前看(尤指为靠近些看):+over 例如:bow your hand低头俯首 (3)be bowed(under sth)被重物压得伏着身子 (4)bow and scrape(对人)卑躬屈膝,点头哈腰 (5)用弓拉奏(乐曲) (6)弯曲,弯成弓形 2.名词:(7)鞠躬(可数名词) (8)又作“bows"船头 (9)take a bow(表演结束时)谢幕 (10)弓(可数) (11)蝴蝶结(可数) (12)(弦乐器的)弓(可数) (13)bow legs弓形腿,罗圈腿满意吗?

歌名:《The Game》歌词:It s time to play the gameTime to play the game!Ha, ha, ha, ha, haHa, ha, haIt s all about the game, and how you play itAll about control, and if you can take itAll about your debt, and if you can pay itIt s all about pain, and

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