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疲于奔波. be tired of doing sth表示厌倦于做某事精锐教育八百伴老师

您好: On Hobbies A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbyists raise pets, build model ships, hunt animals, climb mountains, raise flowers, fish, ski, skate,and swim. Hobbyists also paint pictures, attend

be ill at ease词性及解释 局促不安, 心神不宁I'm so ill at ease with strangers.和陌生人在一起,我很不自在The dazzle of the spotlight make him ill at ease.聚光灯的耀眼强光使他局促不安.With two sons bedridden, Mrs Smith was ill at ease.两个儿子病在床上,史密斯夫人非常焦急.

Doctor, I have a headache and my temples are throbbing的意思是:医生,我的头很痛,太阳穴卜卜地跳表示病痛的说法:“生病了”的25种英文说法 1 have:表示“生病”,后常跟表示疾病的名词,是最通俗的说法,多用于口语.例句:As I

Just four years after their wedding, Jennifer and Patrick Kardian, who lie in Roswell, Although Patrick was weak and bedridden for months, the Kardians tried to be as

卧床不起[wò chuáng bù qǐ][词典] be completely bedridden; remain in bed; take to one's bed and be likely to die; became virtually bed bound[例句]Then I fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS) and became virtually bed bound.然后我患上了慢性疲劳综合症,几乎到了卧床不起的地步.

1. Looks good 2. Rehabilitation 3. To see a doctor 4. Going to the dentist 5. The best to do something 6. Best not to do 7. Too cold 8. Got the flu 9. Cough 10. Eyewear inflammation 11. Pharyngitis 12. backache 13. toothache 14. Headache 15. fever

Someone says, oneself oneself convince, is a kind of rational victory, Was moved by myself, it is a kind of soul, Oneself oneself conquered, is a kind of life. Indeed, the self is a valuable spirit. We often find themselves are admire a person, it is

翻译:At the same time, in the western ideas, Friday is also an unlucky day, a statement Friday, is, so is ZhuXiong indnependence. Others think, according to the bible, human ancestors Adam and eve is on Friday was expelled from the garden of

如果选A的话,题目应该是I have been told that his wife is bedridden. 然后下面回答说,So have I been told.

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