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BE thirsty to Do

be thirsty for sth.没有be thirsty to的用法,不常用其他有:desire sth./to do sth.have desire to do sth.(此处desire是名词)be anxious for sth.be anxious to do sth.一般习惯用语:be eager for 渴望,渴求,争取be eager about 渴望,渴求,争取be eager after 渴望,渴求,争取be eager to do 急欲,渴望做

渴望做某事she listened with eager attention.她聚精会神地倾听.he is an eager student.他是个勤奋的学生.the engineer was an eager participant in technical co-operation.那位工程师热心参与技术合作.

thirsty 这是形容词,.不需要用be doing形式

be meant to do 应做;照道理,照规矩应该做 mean to do 打算做…;有意做 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

determine to do决定做某事 be determined to do有决心做某事

be surprised to do sth和be surprised doing sth的区别 前者是惊讶地去做某事,后者是惊讶已经做了某事.

这涉及到动词不定式和动名词之间的区别:be afraid to do:害怕去做某事,指还没做的事情;be afraid of doing:害怕做某事,指经常需要或者已经做过的事情

responsible后面一般不跟动词不定式,所以很少见到楼主的这种用法.一般有be responsible to/for sthbe responsible for doing sth

intend to do sth 打算做某事 ; 盘算做某事 ; 打算做 ; 筹划做某事;be intended to do sth 打算做某事 ; 表示目的,被要求或计划


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