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be amazed at与be surprised at的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1、be amazed at:对…感到惊讶.2、be surprised at:对…惊讶.二、用法不同1、be amazed at:amaze的基本意思是“使大为吃惊,使惊奇”,指作

应该选B 详解:be amused 表示对很困惑;be amazed 表示对感到惊喜,通常是含有敬佩的含义,褒义词短语;be shocked 表示对感到震惊,通常是因为事情无法预期所致;be puzzled 表示对困惑,意思与A相近.

be amazed at sth.be amazed to do sth.

be disappointed +in/at something(with sb.)意思是 " 受挫折的,对^^^^失望的" 也可以说be disappointed to do sth. 与人搭配用with amaze是令人惊奇的意思,是使动用法.be amazed 可以做谓语,如I'm amazed by what you say to me! 词组有amaze sb. by sth.be amazed by 后只能是物.be disappointed +in/at 后只能是物 be disappointed +with后是人,表示对某人感到失望

be amazed by 意思是:对感到惊讶.短语中,amazed为amaze的形容词形式,意思是:感到惊讶的.例如: 1.Scientists might be amazed by the ingenious arrangement of the apparatus. 这种装置精巧的构造可能使科学家感到惊奇. 2.He never ceased to be amazed by her physical strength. 他不再对她的体力感到吃惊了. 3.You will be amazed by your thoughts. 您会为自己的想法感到吃惊的.

be amazed at /by : 吃惊的;显示出惊奇的


be amazed at (by) 对大为惊奇 be amazed to see 到[听到, 发现]感到吃惊 be amazed to hear 看到[听到, 发现]感到吃惊 be amazed to find 到[听到, 发现]感到吃惊

be amazed at 对…感到惊讶;对…感到害怕 [例句]You 'll be amazed at what a huge difference it makes.你会惊奇的发现它能产生多么大的影响.

be surprised at : 对感到吃惊, 意外 i was surprised at his winning the race. 我对他竞赛获胜感到惊奇. amazed at : 感到惊奇惊讶 we were amazed at his rapid recovery. 我们对他这么快就康复感到惊奇. 两句短语都可以用于人或事物.

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