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guess这个字可以接介系词at,也可以不加,区别如下:一、guess这个字加介系词at,表示猜的动作,猜想某件事物是怎样发生的,但不一定猜对,如:The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very successful publisher or a banker.西

我想天快下雨了; My guess is that.,更重在表达心里的意愿, “以为; I thought to find you in the library1. guess偏重“猜对,猜中” guess a riddle猜中谜语, 也可以跟宾语从句;2: I can't even guess at what you mean. 我猜不着你的意思;3.


1. VERB 猜;猜想;推测 If you guess something, you give an answer or provide an opinion which may not be true because you do not have definite knowledge about the matter concerned. The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very

guess vt.推测;猜测,臆测;猜中;假定,认为; vi.猜,猜测;猜对; n.猜测;推断; 单词发音 英 [ges] 美 [s] 1、短语搭配 guess at sth 猜测;估计 to guess wrong 猜错 to guess (that) 认为…2、例句:Was it a hoax,a guess or an

guess作名词的意思是“猜测”“估计”“猜想”,是可数名词.其单数形式前面通常要用不定冠词a.guess常与介词at连用,表示“对…的猜测”,在书面语中也可接as so.

make a guess with?make a guess to?应该是at吧.是猜一下的意思.

是的,都是 做一次猜测 的意思 .

[图文] 阅读理解 Attempt a guess at the following question: In the English-speaking world, which country has the least affordable homes? You are wrong if you guessed the US, even with the housing bubble (气泡)

Hurryv.(使)赶紧, (使)匆忙, 加速n.匆忙, 仓促guessvt.猜测, 推测, 猜中, 猜对, 想, 认为vi.猜, 推测n.猜测, 推测

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