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At A DistAnCE 造句

at a distance 相距,相隔,稍远处 例句1:At a distance of six miles you can't see much.例句2:You can see the picture clearly if you stand at a distance.

the cambridge was named after the riverat a distance,there is a riverhe is as old as his brother

下列说法都可以:(1)keep at a distance from/with 对……敬而远之:He is so big headed that everyone in the village keep at a distance with/from him. 他是如此骄傲自大,以致于村里的每个人都对他敬而远之.(2)keep sb at a distance from sb/

有in the distance,指在远处;at a distance表示在一定距离的地方,在句中可以直接做状语.句子是对的.

in the distance是在远处的意思.at the distance是远处,远方的意思

at a distance 隔一段距离; 距离稍远一些 in the distance 在远处

at the distance 在距离 Lay down the extinguisher at the distance of approximately 5m away from the origin of fire.在距离起火点5米左右处,放下灭火器.keep at a distance 与(某人)保持一段距离;疏远If you w

in the distance 和at a distance 的区别:1、in the distance 在远方,直接用作状语.2、at a distance (of)在多远的地方,一般后面接距离的名词或数词.拓展资料 in the distance的用法1、I hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. 我听到远处雷

at a distance of[英][t ei distns v][美][t e dstns v]相距; 在.距离例句:1.At a distance of about 436 light-years from earth, the pleiades is one of the closest starclusters and plays an important role in determining distances

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