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ASKED 是被动语态, 也是原型的过去式ASKED FOR 短语为了而询问 、 不是被动语态


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:ask for 请求,要求;寻找


You asked for it这是你自找的1. 自讨苦吃2. 你自找的.3. 你自讨苦吃!例句:1.Maybe you asked for it to be washed. 可能是你自己洗了它而自做自受.2.My advice, not that you asked for it, is dance sooner not later. 我的建议是,早晚你都得去跳舞.

He asked for a table by the window.他要一个紧靠窗户的餐桌.


以支付该站的建设和保养,太阳能电池板可收集的能源来自太阳,并为代价. for a price意思为: 为.代价

ask for请求,要求;寻找1. 请求;要求;向…要…,需要:He asked me politely for the book.他彬彬有礼地向我要那本书.I asked for the hand of his daughter in marriage.我请求娶他的女儿为妻.2. 要求见(某人);(通过询问来)寻找(某人),找(人):Did anyone ask for me?有人来找过我吗?The guest asked for the manager.客人要见经理.3. [口语]自己招惹(不愉快的事):He asked for all he got.他这是自作自受.

ask about sth (sb) 询问有关某人或某事的情况.如: She asked about his health. 她询问他的健康状况. Can I ask about the exam results? 我可以问问考试结果吗? ask for sth 要求得到某物或要求与某人见面.如: He asked for some water. 他

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