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AnnoyED with

be annoyed with sb. 生某人的气,被某人激怒be worried to do sth担心做某事,为做某事而担心

be annoyed by sth. 通常后面接事件,表示 因..而烦恼,因而生气.be annoyed with someone. 后面通常接人物,表示 被惹恼了., 被激怒了希望帮到你

be annoyed with 生…的气: (一般接使人烦恼的具体的人或者事情) Susan felt slightly annoyed with herself. 苏珊有点生自己的气. be annoyed at 因…而恼怒: (一般接抽象名词,或者动词的v-ing 形式,表原因) We enjoyed the game but were rather annoyed at being beaten. 这场比赛我们打得很痛快,但是比赛失利令我们很懊恼.

be annoyed with被…惹恼;对…感到厌烦be annoyed with sb. for/at sth.: 加事物用:at sth

使某人生气. 例:He got very annoyed with me about my carelessness.我太粗心大意,使他很生气.

irratated 牛津词典上解释为: annoyed or angry 烦恼 恼怒 后跟 at /by/ with sth eg. She was getting more and more irritated at his comments.annoyed 牛津词典解释为: slightly angry 较少用在名词前 常用 annoyed with sb/ at 或者 about sth/ 加 that

激怒某人annoy做形容词 没有be worried to do sth.

mad习惯用语be as mad as a March hare [as a hatter] 象春兔一样疯野(指兔子于春天交尾期间显得特别狂野, 容易激动), 疯里疯气be as mad as a wet hen [美俚]非常生气be mad at 对发怒drive [send] sb. mad 使(人)发狂; 害得某人精神

get annoyed with sbget annoyed at sth

be annoyed at/about sth.对很生气 be annoyed with 被惹恼 对…感到厌烦be annoyed to do sth.做感到生气

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