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after school 意思:adv.放学后;课余;课外;校外 读法:英 [:ft sku:l] 美 [ft skul] 例句:I have band practice after school. 我在放学后有乐队练习.词汇解析:1、after 英 [:ft(r)] 美 [ft(r)] prep.…后的;(表示时间)在…以后

After school,at first , i get home to have a quick dinner.Then it is time for homework.While finishing my homework,I am very tired.Then I listhen to the music,but I fell it is boring.So I watch TV takes 1 hour.Finally,I go to bed at ten o'clovk.

After school I am a student in ~~ junior high school.I have lots of interesting classes and after school I aslo have many activities every day.I can play ball games with my

Everyone I call XXXI get up at six thirty every day, brush my teeth and wash my face. After breakfast, I walked for more than ten minutes, and I went to school at around seven thirty.I usually in the school is a good learning, do not understand to ask, in

After school life is very busy .There are different things we can do after school.I usually play badmintons with my teachers and my friends.I think it is very ininteresting.Playing badmintons is my favourite sport because it is funny and it makes me

after school i do a lot of things after school. in my free time, i like to paint, swim and play badminton.first, i do my homework. when i'm done, i would paint a picture. after that, i will go play badminton with my friends. sometimes, when i'm done my

After School There are a lot of things we can do after school. Some students are doing their homework while some are cleaning the classroom.There are many students playing on the playground. They are doing all kinds of sports, such as playing

After School I do a lot of things after school. In my free time, I like to paint, swim and play badminton.First, I do my homework. When I'm done, I would paint a picture. After that, I will go playBadminton with my friends. Sometimes, when I'm done my

介词; 在.时间之后; 名词或代词“俊狼猎英”团队为您解答,祝学习进步!

in school和at school的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1.in school意思:在求学2.at school意思:在学校;在上课 二、用法不同1.in school用法:基本意思是“学校”,一般指儿童或中学生学习或受教育的场所,是可数

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