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I believe in my choice, I am never regret the path I have been gone through

In my memory, there is a see through my careful choice of things, think up to now I still do not regret. That was the last term. One morning, the Chinese teacher suddenly unit testing, because there is no review, I do not feel very good. Afternoon, I am

choose a path fraught with difficulties and pain dead also don'自己选的路荆棘满途痛死也不后悔&quotQuot;t regret &quotquot;自己选的路荆棘满途痛死也不后悔&quotQuotquot

Walk their choice of road, even if difficulties and dangers, even if lonely, even if will lose many, if not regret, everything was worth it

I never feel regret for my choice,because I 'm happy now,I have found the meaning of life

this road, me as have selected. will not regret. i can walk always to go down

l never forget my English teacher Miss wang.She has long curly hair,a pair of big eyes and a lovely mouth.she is not strict with us.she is not only kind to us,but also helpful.because of her helps,we make lots of progress.Allthough sometimes she is

Choice of no regrets. 一般用法,无后悔的选择. 如果要加“永远”,就要写成“The choice which you will never regret.”

Choose the road meant chose the lonely, but I don't regret, because I can make their destruction

自己的路 是要自己走的~选择了吗!不后悔啊~I ask myself# Can not see future !!attached to every tree and bush in hometown!

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