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1、 owing to owing to the bad weather,she can not go to school2、due to she is absent from a class due to the bad weather3、because4、because of 注意:1、2、4后面跟的不是句子哈

“因为”除了Because外,用英文可以表达的词和短语相当多:as, as a result of, as things go, being, by cause of, by reason of, by virtue of, considering, due to, for,for the reason that, for,on account of, owing to.

because 因为

一般来说,因为:because 所以:so 但在说英语的一个句子时,说了because,就不说so 例:ididnotgotoschoolyesterdaybecauseiwasill.

because+句子because of+词组、短语because不能与so连用

因为Because 所以so Because 和so不能同时使用,英语句子中只能用一个,就表示因为所以的意思了

because because of for since 这几个都有因为的意思,一般用第一个吧

正因为:“just because (of)” just 可以省去 使用of的情况是: 后面表目的或着是名词 句子的翻译: just because like this,so he was welcome by children


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