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介词to Doing的短语

look forward to, 后接名词性的成分,接动词的动名词形式.

1.动词+介词to+动名词 ⑴ admit to doing sth 承认做了某事 ⑵ apply to doing sth 适用于做某事 ⑶ object to doing sth 反对做某事 ⑷ see to doing sth 负责做某事 ⑸ stick to doing sth 坚持做某事 ⑹ take to doing sth 喜欢上做某事 2.动词+宾语+介词to

look forward to doing 盼望做某事 get down to doing 着手干. pay attention to doing 注意干 devote to doing 致力于

to doing 的词组里to是介词因此只要to为介词的动词短语中大都可以用to doing的用法例如pay attention to doing 集中精力做某事look forward to doing 期待做某事be used to doing 习惯于做某事

1、动词+to doing(1) admit to doing sth.承认做了某事(2) apply to doing sth.适用于做某事(3) object to doing sth.反对做某事(4) see to doing sth.负责做某事(5) stick to doing sth.坚持做某事(6) take to doing sth.喜欢上做某事,逐渐习

be used to doing习惯于,add to doing加上,devote to doing献身于,lead to doing导致于, get to doing开始,come to doing谈到,look forward to doing期待,stick to doing坚持 be sentenced to doing宣判,object to doing抗议,

pay attention to doing sth 注意做某事 例如:pay attention to lisening the class 注意听课

go shoppinggo huntinggo campinggo divinggo hiking

be / get / become used to 习惯于 be given to 喜欢;癖好 be related to 与…有关系 be addicted to 沉溺于;对…上瘾 be opposed to 反对 devote oneself to献身于;专心于 be devoted to 致力于;忠诚于 be admitted to 被…录取;准进入 be reduced

高考常考的有:be used to doing 习惯做某事 look forward to 盼望;期待 devote to 奉献 contribute to 为做贡献 pay attention to 致力于 addicted to 对上瘾 有问题追问!满意请采纳!谢谢!

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